Bryce Halliday is a musician and sound wizard, primarily working at the ABC where he contributes to many of the shows heard on Radio National. He is also a podcast producer for ABC Audio Studios where he produced the cult hit comedy documentary Finding Drago (and follow up Finding Desperado), the history podcast Little Tiny and the stand up comedy series Alice Fraser Trilogy which topped Apple Podcasts’ list of “Best Australian Podcasts of 2018”.

"Finding Drago makes most investigative podcasts done by actual journalists sound amateur in comparison."-

When he’s not producing genre bending radio he works as a composer and sound designer for a diverse range of digital and theatrical work.

"Halliday is charismatic and open with the audience, creating a captivating atmosphere for the show. His songs embrace a diverse range of sounds, from heartfelt ballads to comic, up-tempo piano numbers. He even incorporates a soundboard, which adds an extra sonic layer to his compositions."- Aussie Theatre

In 2016 Bryce was nominated for a Sydney Theatre Award for his sound design in Sport For Jove’s production of Antigone. For almost a decade Bryce Halliday has been Sydney's go-to musical improviser. He has played for countless Theatresports and improv shows all around Australia, and through 2018-19 he travelled to Chicago to train and perform at the iconic iO, Second City and The Annoyance improv theatres. He wrote the music for the smash hit true crime series Snowball (ABC's most downloaded podcast of 2019), and his music can be heard in the indie Aussie video games Particulars and Birdsketball.

Bryce holds a Bachelor of Music majoring in Musical Theatre and has taught music for over a decade.

“Not only does he have a knack for melody and harmony, but his compositions are eclectic and driven by passionate ideas” - Ben Neutze, Daily Review