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Finding Drago

Finding Drago

In 2018 I produced and sound engineered the podcast Finding Drago for the Australian Broadcast Corporation. The series is a pop culture mystery starring Sydney comedians Alexei Toliopoulos and Cameron James as they search for the elusive Australian sports writer Todd Noy and his final masterpiece "Drago: On Mountains We Stand". A book about the bad guy from Rocky IV Ivan Drago.

"Finding Drago makes most investigative podcasts done by actual journalists sound amateur in comparison."- BirthMoviesDeath.com

You can read a wonderful write up of the series by Michael Dulaney here.

The series continues to bring new and wonderful friendships into my life. In 2020 as Sydney emerged from its first lockdown we made the follow up series Finding Desperado, a search for the mysterious wunderkind filmmaker Lord Sydney Ling.