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Having Fun In Public

Having Fun In Public

People of Sydney! I will be performing my first live musical comedy show since 2019 on the 11th, 12th, 13th November at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville. It’s part of the “Laugh Outta Lockdown” festival, which features many of the acts from Sydney Fringe whose shows were cancelled during our four month 2021 lockdown.

It’s called Bryce Halliday: Having Fun in Public, since that’s something we haven’t been able to do for a very long time. There will be new songs, old songs, made up on the spot songs. It's hard to say exactly as I'm still writing it but I promise a big silly time. Here's something nice written about a previous show of mine:

"Halliday is charismatic and open with the audience, creating a captivating atmosphere for the show. His songs embrace a diverse range of sounds, from heartfelt ballads to comic, up-tempo piano numbers. He even incorporates a soundboard, which adds an extra sonic layer to his compositions."- Aussie Theatre

This is quite likely to be the last show that I perform in Australia for a while as I'll be heading overseas for much of 2022, so come have fun in public with me while you can!

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